Osteria del Chianti

Two Rivers mall

Osteria was an idea of Maurizio Corti spurned to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Italy in the fastest growing city within the hub of East Africa. The choice to do business in Nairobi was due to it being a unique metropolis with an allure that is difficult to resist, here people of different walks of life come, go and stay.

The restaurant was the pioneer in the provision of the most exotic and sought after wines for its clientele in Nairobi. The local and international community immediately welcomed Osteria del Chianti and to this rings true as everyday clients come calling for the taste of Italian cuisine and the finest wine as well as the highest quality Italian home-made ice-cream from our gelati.

Since its inception, our clients desired a bar or entertainment venue and with this looming gap Club Casablanca was opened in June 2004 next door to Osteria Del Chianti.

Email: info@osteriadelchianti.com